It is now clear that sustainability will be the catalyst for our societies present and future. A paradigm shift is occurring and the future of our homes and businesses revolves around sustainable and efficient development. Eco High Fidelity provides a variety of solutions such as audio/video, home theater, home automation, shading systems, and computer networks. Founded in 2007, Eco High Fidelity is the apex of many years of development spanning back to 1987 when the Kissell family entered the business of high fidelity.


Home Automation


Audio/ Video/Home Theater


Lighting Control


Shade Systems


Computer Networks


Energy Monitoring



High Fidelity has been important to the DFW metroplex for decades.  Spanning all the way back to the 40’s, the residents of DFW have listened to their music through premium stereo systems.  As technology evolved so did the appetite for the solutions they provided. 2-Channel Hifi evolved into surround sound and soon after big screen TV’s, whole house audio, and finally media rooms.  In the last decade another major change took place, the automated smart home, which shifted the paradigm of audio/video integration. 




Capabilities through Collaboration


Through collaboration with the top architects, builders, designers, and subcontractors, we are constantly evolving our trade to make your home or business more sustainable. Whether building a new home, remodeling, or updating your new system, Eco High Fidelity provides turn-key solutions to all your audio/video, automation, and renewable energy needs.